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Intel ®


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HPC Servers

 HPC Clusters

HPC Blades



We offer the finest in server reliability and the best performance/ value to support mission-critical technical applications.





AMD ®  


Custom System Platforms

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AMD Processors

Our computers based on the AMD® Athlon 64and  Opteron™ technologies offers a reliable processing solution to address a wide range of commercial computing needs that in turn is beneficial to the bottom line at the time of purchase and for years to come.


  Single Athlon 64™

Feature packed desktop with the novice to power user in mind... more >>


  Single Athlon 64™

Flexible platform for the user who needs space to add as needed additional components... more >>

  Dual Opteron™

Configurable platform for the power user, researcher, developer and scientist who needs the extra horsepower of dual processors... more >>

HPC Servers

  Dual Opteron™-1U

Great platform for front-end, mail, DNS and cluster compute nodes... more >>

  Dual Opteron™-2U

Dual 2U offers the HPC level market with a server product quality of high compatibility and advanced system architecture for multi-processing environments... more >>

  Dual Opteron™-4U

Dual 4U is a versatile design for industry-leading performance and high data availability... more >>

  Quad Opteron™-4U

Our Quad 4U is a versatile platform ideal for applications requiring the highest floating-point and memory bandwidth performance... more >>

  Quad Opteron™ -2U

Quad 2U is a versatile platform ideal for space saving needs with the same processing abilities of the Quad 4U... more >>

  Dual Athlon™-1U

Economy Cluster Compute for 32-bit environment... more >>

HPC Blade Servers
OpteronBlade Servers

HPC Clusters

  Opteron™ 16 Node Dual 


  Opteron™ 32 Node Dual   Please contact us for more information

  Opteron™ 16 Node Quad    Please contact us for more information


We custom build your required servers.

Just tell us your requirements and let us do the rest. 


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